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ANDRÉ LARIN Chairman of the board Executive producer

André Larin has been working in television for over 45 years. He began his career in 1961 at Radio-Canada, where he worked as an administrator in international relations, public affairs and eventually in news. In 1979, he went to work for another public broadcaster, Radio-Québec, first as executive assistant to the vice president for programming and later as director of finance and administration. After returning to Radio-Canada in 1988, he headed programming operations for the French network, as well as budget and resource management. He was later named vice president of development and programming at Cogéco Radio-Télévision. In January 1994, he moved into the private sector when he was named president-director general of Coscient, which later became part of Motion International. In 2000, André Larin, Michel Bissonnette, Vincent Leduc and Paul Dupont-Hébert established ZONE3. André Larin occupied the post of President. In January, 2009, he was named chairman of the board and remains an executive producer with the company.

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MICHEL BISSONNETTE President Executive producer

Michel Bissonnette began his career in 1989 in advertising at the firm Publicis BCP, where he worked as head of accounts. Later, he moved over into television, joining TVA as its general director of communications (1993 – 1995) and general director of creation (1995 – 1996). He joined Videotron as vice president of marketing. In 1998, Michel returned to his advertising roots at Publicis BCP as vice president and general director, product development. A year later, he returned to television and became executive vice president, business development and commercialization at Motion International. In 2000, Michel Bissonnette and three others founded ZONE3 Inc. Michel was named vice president, creation and executive producer for nine years before becoming president in January 2009.

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BRIGITTE LEMONDE Vice President, Development and Production Executive producer

Brigitte Lemonde has been with ZONE3 since 2004 and today occupies a variety of key positions that require not only her expert knowledge of television and culture in general, but also her ability to create strong bonds between the members of her team.

As VP, TV Development, Brigitte oversees the creation of ZONE3’s new projects. She also heads the team responsible for digital media.

Since 2007, Brigitte has also acted as producer of popular cooking show À la di Stasio.

In parallel, as VP of the Music and Concerts division, Brigitte heads up all activities related to music production (Marc Hervieux, Mixmania, Julie Bélanger).

Brigitte began her career at Radio-Canada, where she held various management positions in the Programming, Technical Production and External Production Services divisions, before being named Director of Cultural and Variety Programming (1999-2004).

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LUC BENOIT, CPA, CA Vice President, Finance and Administration

Luc Benoit is responsible for the financial management of ZONE3, and works to improve internal management systems. Before joining ZONE3 in 2002, he was the financial director and vice president, finance and administration at Motion International and My Virtual Model. A chartered accountant with a bachelor in administration, Luc Benoit has worked in the field of accounting for almost 12 years with the firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, one of the leading chartered accountancy firms in Quebec.

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Samantha Grogin
Director of Development
US Operations

Finance and Administration

Héloïse Viens

Legal Affairs

Marie-Christine Beaudry
Director, Legal and Business Affairs

Isabelle Juneau
Director, Legal and Business Affairs


Michaelle Blondel
Director, Business Financing and Business


Pierre Grégoire
Director of Development

Mélanie Ratté
Co-Director of Development

Frédéric Pouliot

Digital Medias

Geneviève Provost
Producer, Digital Medias


Vincent Turgeon
Director, Administration of production and technical services

Isabelle Roy
Director production and operations

Martine Arsenault
Franck Belzile
Mathilde Boucher-McGraw
Édith Desgagné
Diane England
Josée Fortier
Francis Laforest
Richard Gohier
Céline Gosselin
Pierre Lawrence
Guillaume Lespérance
Marie-Dominique Michaud
Jean-Pierre Paiement
Jacques Payette
Denise Robert
Luc Rousseau
Stéphane Tremblay
Dominique Veillet
Jeffrey Wraight



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