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L'effet secondaire

L’effet secondaire is about life in high school for Anouk, Marco, Fanny, Alex, Safa, Emma, Ahmed, and other students…and the many plans, doubts, and intense emotions that are part of the experience. It’s also about the impact of changing friendships, unexpected rivalries, first loves, and adults that take up too much space in their lives. In the corridors of school like on the road of life, there’s plenty of fun, confrontation, and intimidation...the real world with all its ups and downs docu-reality style, capturing the most memorable hyper-spontaneous moments of it all. Adapted from the original Dutch format, L’effet secondaire is a truly engaging series with an equally entertaining digital component (Instagram + TikTok channel + YouTube channel).


2 seasons, 104 episodes


11 min


  • Youth


2 seasons, 104 episodes, 2019 - 2021

  • 52 X 11 min (2020-2021)
  • 52 X 11 min (2019-2020)