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Beauté Fatale

In a two-hour, two-part documentary, Léa Clermont-Dion leads a cinéma-vérité-style investigation into our individual, collective – and often unhealthy – obsession with youth and beauty. Is it even possible to escape the beauty trap? The question is explored through Léa’s personal quest as she attempts to shine a light on every aspect of this phenomenon, meeting individuals (including public figures) who have become slaves to the mirror, and questioning experts who analyze this hot-button topic. Interspersed throughout, we learn Léa’s own history of dietary issues. As she does so, she reveals her desire to free herself from the stranglehold of physical perfection as well as her unease towards a society that increasingly views surgery as a solution.


1 season, 2 episodes


60 min


  • Documentary


  • Télé-Québec


1 season, 2 episodes, 2014 - 2014

  • 2 X 60 min (2014)