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Gurov et anna

Ben is a failed writer-turned-academic whose ‘happily ever after’ has begun to feel more like ‘the end.’ He's immerses himself in Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Dog,” a story about an extramarital affair giving way to true love – a story he has taught in his class for years. When his wife, Audrey, returns to her hometown of Paris to meet with the renowned publisher of her first novel, Ben begins a heated affair with his young francophone student, Mercedes — a budding writer herself. With these three lovers and authors each the hero of their own stories, the affair is soon spinning beyond anyone’s control; their hearts and families hanging in the balance. While Ben, Audrey, and Mercedes are each ready to go to extreme lengths to save their own skin, none can escape unscathed.


1 season, 1 episode


  • Fiction


1 season, 1 episode, 2014 - 2014

  • 100 min (2014)