Les Jokers

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This is the Quebec adaptation of the US TV show format Impractical Jokers.

Les Jokers takes four reckless practical jokers, each filmed in turn by hidden cameras as they draw unsuspecting members of the public into embarrassing situations.

Each joker has to unflinchingly carry out whatever his three hidden comrades-in-fun tell him to do as real-life situations unfold. Challenge follows challenge, with each of the four trying to outdo the others and avoid being the episode’s loser to face a humiliating punishment at the end of the show.

Les Jokers is a high-voltage dose of eye-watering comedy delivered by four zany dudes who somehow manage to keep a straight face!


Stéphane Tremblay


13 X 30 min. (2016)
14 X 30 min. (2015)
13 X 30 min. (2014)


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