The history of Quebec as it’s never been told before.
The documentary series sketches a vivid portrait of Quebec by exploring its socio-cultural journey in the company of some of its most influential artists. With a wide variety of themes (the family, the river, the cuisine, the forest, health, fashion…) and a selection of landmark cultural works, Kebec invites viewers on fascinating trips back in time. Along the way, we’re guided by an inquisitive host, knowledgeable historians/specialists, captivating archival images, relevant geographical insights, and animated historical reconstructions.
Designed as a kind of vast mosaic with a common sociocultural thread tracing the origin, development, and transformation of Quebec, Kebec offers a truly captivating television experience to viewers of every taste.


Jeffrey Wraight


Exclusive Videos


12 X 30 min. (2019-2020)
12 X 30 min. (2018-2019)


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