Il était une fois dans le trouble


Four kids run their own business in the madcap teen sitcom Il était une fois dans le trouble. Their kookie company earns them a living solving other people’s problems, but they can barely run their own lives without courting disaster. Breaking the taboo against mixing their personal and professional lives, the four entrepreneurs constantly get themselves in and out of trouble. And they’ll do anything to keep their customers happy – even if it means posing as a dentist, vet or psychologist!


Jacques Payette


The Game


15 X 30 min.(2014-2015)
26 X 30 min.(2013-2014)
26 X 30 min.(2012-2013)
26 × 30 min.(2011-2012)
26 × 30 min.(2010-2011)
26 × 30 min.(2009-2010)
20 × 30 min.(2008-2009)
20 × 30 min.(2007-2008)
18 × 30 min.(2006-2007)
26 × 30 min.(2005-2006)
17 × 30 min.(2004-2005)


2006 – Gala des Prix Gémeaux, Meilleure émission ou série jeunesse : fiction


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